One-Line Bio

I'm Ed Young - this is some of my journey through life as a follower of Chirst, a husband, a father, the Pastor of Fellowship Church, leader of Ed Young Ministries and quintessential questioner.


I’m Ed Young—Christian, husband, father of four, and founding pastor of Fellowship Church and Ed Young Ministries.

Fellowship Church kicked off in 1990 with about 150 people. Today, Fellowship has five campuses in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Miami, Florida! I would encourage you to learn more about the church.

One of the things I enjoy most is equipping leaders (both in and out of the church) to help them reach their full potential. Learn more about the resources I’ve developed for life and leadership at Creative Pastors by Ed Yound.

And starting in 2003, Ed Young Ministries launched with the goal of reaching far beyond our walls or our borders. Just recently, we became the only Christian program to air on the E! network! Visit Ed Young Ministries if you want to know about my television ministry.

But if you just want to learn a little more about me, see what’s on my mind, what I’m up to and what drives me each day, keep reading. And hopefully, as you track my journey through life, you’ll discover something that helps you realize all that God has in store for your own journey.


I'm Ed Young and I love fishing...any kind. from bonefish to bass. if it has fins and scales, I'll chase it! I also love hanging out with my kids. And of course my biggest interest, second only to my relationship with Christ, is my wife!
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