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April 18, 2011


California Pastor  YO YO

YO YO Preacher DUde...you are making it happen anyway you can. Putting YOUR hooks in the water and fish'n for souls, leaving distractions and non-eternal goals. You bringin it deep and bringin it wide, and may God this EASTER be by your side. PEACE OUT. California Pastor.

Dana Eakles

I'm proud to say that I'm not a member of the Easter Lily or Poinsettia crowd. I recommend anyone not attending & experiencing ALL that Fellowship Church has to offer should seriously consider becoming a member. As Ed would say, "get out of your comfort zone" If you are a member of the Easter Lily & Poinsettia crowd, come on & visit on of our 5 sites. You won't regret it. We love everyone & are a Bible teaching church. Thank you ED & Lisa & all the staff for filling my every weekend; & mostly thank you for caring & sowing seeds & loving the younger generation. They are our tomorrow. May God bless all our Easter Lily visitors this coming weekend. My husband & I have been swaggerfied! In Jesus Name.


Pastor Young, takes it to a "WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL"... You know what amazazes me? 1 How awesome God is. 2 How awesome my life is, now that God is in charge. 3 How awesome Fellowship Church is, and how many live's are changed EVERY day.. Praise God

Jessica Guadalupe

Pastor Young I love your creativity for the Kingdom of God. AWESOME!!!

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