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June 13, 2011


Gary Pierson

Great Info!!! Thank you for taking time to share!!

John Spurlock

Enjoy your time off Ed, we ain't going no where!


Great advice, for everyone, not just Pastors. We all need a break from our daily routine. For me I would love to take a break from travel; stay in town, and serve our church, spend time with the family, and relax...
Thanks Ed


I so agree with you but the reason is really fear that your ministry will begin to get along without you, and a younger, better, whatever person will come along and seduce your people and you will be given the left foot of fellowship :-) listen to Ed Cole's old message on seduction, it's the truth

Abraham Siemens

WOW WOW WOW I love this short video it's so true, I used to go to a church where the leaders would never take a brake till they were done an had a brake for ever from there an that always freaked me out, Thank You Ed.


Thank you for sharing this. You are so right. I've been battling guilt over feeling the need to take one weekend off from my ministry obligations. I'm curious why you feel three are ideal as opposed to two or four, etc.

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